80 Yamaha XS850

80 Yamaha XS850

Picked this up in Porter, OK on Saturday, July 1st. 

First, after cleaning it up and degreasing the exterior of the engine and carbs, we stripped the tank down for a brushed metal look.

Second, we added a new seat and built a custom mount for a mini strip tail light.

Third, we put new clip on handlebars (lowered the front end 3 inches), a new headlight, and a mini speedometer.

Fifth, we fixed the shifter pedal that had been stripped out, cleaned the carbs, and added new pod filters.

Seventh, we fixed the ignition button on the handlebars. It had lost power.
Eighth, we mounted the tail pipes (they were hanging on only by the header pipes).

Finished on Friday, July 6th.

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